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Haunted. Why I wrote the book.

‘You’re on your own. You are not enough. You look different. You will never forget the mistakes you made. They were right about you. You’ve missed your chance. You’re life will never be significant. He is better than you.’

Over and over again, these phrases played (and play) in my mind. They are the tracks on my least favourite record and yet they are the tracks I play the most; an album of self-loathing written to keep me depressed.

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How to be hypocrite like me.














‘There was incident at school today,’ I said to my mother (to the best of my memory).

Always one for the dramatic I chose that sentence and the longer than natural pause that followed it. I proceeded to tell my mother how a group of boys from school had backed me into a corner full of intent Continue reading “How to be hypocrite like me.”