Jesus was a refugee. How can we worship one refugee and turn our backs on others? 

I, like you, am heart broken by the picture of 3 year old Aylan washed up on the beach in Turkey. Perhaps it is because I first saw the picture 3 seconds after looking into the face of my 3 month old son and feeling sick at the thought of being that poor child ‘s father. His father survived the sinking of the boat they hoped would save them from terror. I’m sure he wishes he hadn’t. I cannot imagine the turmoil he is in. I, like you, am sickened by the language of much of our media who seem … Continue reading Jesus was a refugee. How can we worship one refugee and turn our backs on others? 

Home for Mermaids

photo (10)I am re-reading one of my favourite books at the moment; ‘Everything I ever need to know I learned in kindergarten’ by Robert Fulgham. It is a collection of stories both mundane and marvellous from the Robert’s life. In each story he sees a lesson that he carries into his future that tells him a little more about life on earth.

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RAKnominations (part 2)

The discussion here and elsewhere around RAKnominations has been interesting for me. I spent a few moments reflecting on some of the points raised elsewhere and a few thoughts and a question came to my mind.  We often hold verses in tension with one another to create a sometimes inexpressible truth. Our faith is often somewhere on a string between two points rather than a static position.  There was some discussion about Matthew 5’s ‘shine your light before others so that they may see your works and praise your Father in heaven.’ A solid point, that despite my self-aggrandising belief … Continue reading RAKnominations (part 2)

Take time to listen

headphonesFacebook is simultaneously the worst and greatest parts of humanity recorded in every refreshing detail. I go from despairing at the trivial moments we celebrate together to celebrating the creativity, compassion and wonder of humanity. This week one of my friends posted this video on their wall. It is by SoulPancake who you may know from their Kid President videos (not cool Robert Frost) Continue reading “Take time to listen”

What if?


I was a strange little kid. That will come as no surprise to those that know me as an adult. Between running around the forest next to our house pretending to be an Ewok and being the God in Lego warfare games on the bedroom floor, I spent a lot of time what if-ing. What if I was the last person on earth (by the time I was 13 this included the current girl of my dreams also being alive)? What if I got selected to represent Great Britain in athletics? What if I was really rich? What if I could time travel? What if I WAS an Ewok? The truth it I haven’t really stopped what if-ing. Continue reading “What if?”