I hate your religious festivals!

(It isn’t often that the Bible provides the perfect click-bait title for a blog but Amos 5:21 was hard to ignore. I actually quite enjoy the odd festival. This isn’t about festivals at all, the verses just exist on the same page.) I have just been reading Amos. I always imagine the prophet Amos to be a bit of a troubled poet; blessed with this incredible ability with language but burning with a holy rage that pushes the words out with more aggression than he had planned. The type of guy you politely nod at in a pub who opens the conversation … Continue reading I hate your religious festivals!

Follow Justice

poppy”Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live” Deuteronomy 16:20

I grew up in a world that cried out for justice. In the divided community of 80’s and 90’s Northern Ireland conflicting parties cried out for justice for the outrages of British rule and the denial of civil rights and on the other the Protestant call for Republican terrorists and politicians to be punished for their part in the Troubles. On each side of the discussion there was pain and freedom and a history of mistrust that the other side even cared about that pain. To one the powers Continue reading “Follow Justice”