Things I want to stop saying part 4: Unlocking and releasing favour.

I am still working through this one. Would appreciate any discussion on it.

My parents recently spent a week in Toronto. As is the case when parents spend time away they brought back some gifts for the children. Even though I am in my mid 30s I still find this exciting. This time they brought back a t-shirt with the slogan, ‘Jesus loves you but I am his favourite.’ Funny. I was sure He had better taste than that.  Continue reading “Things I want to stop saying part 4: Unlocking and releasing favour.”

Life is too short to waste on self-pity.

imageOne of the people who has influenced my life the most is Bill Badal. 14 years ago I spent 6 months living in his basement and interning in the youth ministry he was leading. Bill is one of the most gifted leaders of people I have ever met. People are drawn to him and he takes time to know them and invest in their lives.  Continue reading “Life is too short to waste on self-pity.”

Follow Justice

poppy”Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live” Deuteronomy 16:20

I grew up in a world that cried out for justice. In the divided community of 80’s and 90’s Northern Ireland conflicting parties cried out for justice for the outrages of British rule and the denial of civil rights and on the other the Protestant call for Republican terrorists and politicians to be punished for their part in the Troubles. On each side of the discussion there was pain and freedom and a history of mistrust that the other side even cared about that pain. To one the powers Continue reading “Follow Justice”

Fight the Fear


Alan, is one of the good guys. We served in the same church for a few years. He taught me more than anyone else about how to serve a community you love without caring much about reward. Whether it was setting up a projector, washing dishes, preaching at church or leading an Alpha Course small group, Alan throws his life and energy into doing it at the best of his ability. Like I said, he is one of the good guys. Continue reading “Fight the Fear”

What if?


I was a strange little kid. That will come as no surprise to those that know me as an adult. Between running around the forest next to our house pretending to be an Ewok and being the God in Lego warfare games on the bedroom floor, I spent a lot of time what if-ing. What if I was the last person on earth (by the time I was 13 this included the current girl of my dreams also being alive)? What if I got selected to represent Great Britain in athletics? What if I was really rich? What if I could time travel? What if I WAS an Ewok? The truth it I haven’t really stopped what if-ing. Continue reading “What if?”