5 books to help you lose your faith (and find it again).

After I posted this and this I got messages from a number of people asking for books to help them navigate through a changing faith. Here are five books that have helped me a lot as I rediscovered my faith and the church.

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How to be hypocrite like me.














‘There was incident at school today,’ I said to my mother (to the best of my memory).

Always one for the dramatic I chose that sentence and the longer than natural pause that followed it. I proceeded to tell my mother how a group of boys from school had backed me into a corner full of intent Continue reading “How to be hypocrite like me.”

I think I Know Everything


Maybe I am scared of crowds, maybe I am jaded beyond normal British levels or maybe I am just a bit of a grump but no matter the reason, I am no fan of Christian festivals. I have been to them every year for a while. When I am there, I find my negativity drawn by the cheesy t-shirts playing bad puns on box office classics or the cliché soaked morning greetings in the shower queue (e.g. ‘I hope the living water in that shower, is filled with the fire of the spirit. I can’t stand a cold shower.’ Vomit!) By halfway through ‘holy week’ I am visibly distressed, searching the perimeter for some kind of escape route; one more ‘introduce to yourself to someone’ and I may just flip out. I am not going this year. Continue reading “I think I Know Everything”

Fight the Fear


Alan, is one of the good guys. We served in the same church for a few years. He taught me more than anyone else about how to serve a community you love without caring much about reward. Whether it was setting up a projector, washing dishes, preaching at church or leading an Alpha Course small group, Alan throws his life and energy into doing it at the best of his ability. Like I said, he is one of the good guys. Continue reading “Fight the Fear”