Building your offline presence.

  I don’t often go to Christian conferences but when I do I tend to engage more with the seminars than with the Main Stage stuff. I don’t know whether it is the large crowd or the high volume and emotion in the bigger rooms but I have never felt overly comfortable there. At a conference I attended about a year ago there were a number of seminars about building your own or your ministry’s online presence. It spoke of good web design, good social media and how to build a platform online. There was some good advice in there … Continue reading Building your offline presence.

Holy Spirit Postman


I turn 33 in ten days. I have a strange relationship with birthdays, I love getting cards and gifts from my friends but find the tumult of Facebook acknowledgments from people I haven’t seen in years a little strange. I like the play guess the sender by the handwriting on the envelope; I am usually wrong.  Continue reading “Holy Spirit Postman”

An Invitation…


If you’ve met me you may find this hard to believe, but I am actually quite shy. Despite my willingness to look foolish in a crowd, this is usually once I feel welcomed by the people around me. Parties and weddings, where I only know the host or the bride and groom are the cause of mild bouts of sleep loss. I don’t naturally mingle or do small talk, it always feels forced or contrived. That said, I have taught myself the value of these things, no man is an island after all (despite the protestations of Simon and Garfunkel).

Despite my initial shyness in crowds I love receiving an invite to these events and in fact have on occasion felt disappointed to not have been invited. I have met some great friends at other peoples parties. Friends whom I invite to my own parties. Once I feel welcomed and engaged, I actually begin to enjoy myself. Continue reading “An Invitation…”