A little goes a long way


There was time in my life (which I hope is over) when I was regularly called a cynic. In the eyes of some people I could see no good in most things to do with Church and just sought to rip things down. Now, slightly in my defence my heart has never been to tear things down but in Continue reading “A little goes a long way”

Follow Justice

poppy”Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live” Deuteronomy 16:20

I grew up in a world that cried out for justice. In the divided community of 80’s and 90’s Northern Ireland conflicting parties cried out for justice for the outrages of British rule and the denial of civil rights and on the other the Protestant call for Republican terrorists and politicians to be punished for their part in the Troubles. On each side of the discussion there was pain and freedom and a history of mistrust that the other side even cared about that pain. To one the powers Continue reading “Follow Justice”

Take time to listen

headphonesFacebook is simultaneously the worst and greatest parts of humanity recorded in every refreshing detail. I go from despairing at the trivial moments we celebrate together to celebrating the creativity, compassion and wonder of humanity. This week one of my friends posted this video on their wall. It is by SoulPancake who you may know from their Kid President videos (not cool Robert Frost) Continue reading “Take time to listen”

Let the past be the past.


‘You’re not really cut out for this sort of thing. It takes character and stickability.’ I was 18 when someone who I deeply loved and respected said them to me. I had just taken the decision in my head to do what I thought God was asking me to do, to get into some kind of ministry job. I had an opportunity that excited me to the point of sleeplessness and a faith that this could be what I was made for bubbling up within me. Fifteen misplaced words later and I felt like my soul had been crushed. Lip quivering and hands shaking I said a brief thank you and got into my car. I wept the on the drive home, Nirvana’s Nevermind was playing in the car, it has never been the same to listen to it since. Continue reading “Let the past be the past.”

It’s ok to not be ok.

I don’t know if I am easily impressed but I often find myself thinking of people as heroes. One of these people is Matt Chandler. Matt is a pastor at a church in Texas. I think what I like about Matt Chandler is his ability to put the things I am thinking into better words than I can. One of the phrases he says a lot is this, ‘It’s ok to not be ok; just don’t stay there.’ Often in my experiences of church it has been hard to be honest about how not ok I have been at times. … Continue reading It’s ok to not be ok.

What if?


I was a strange little kid. That will come as no surprise to those that know me as an adult. Between running around the forest next to our house pretending to be an Ewok and being the God in Lego warfare games on the bedroom floor, I spent a lot of time what if-ing. What if I was the last person on earth (by the time I was 13 this included the current girl of my dreams also being alive)? What if I got selected to represent Great Britain in athletics? What if I was really rich? What if I could time travel? What if I WAS an Ewok? The truth it I haven’t really stopped what if-ing. Continue reading “What if?”

What do you want?

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABartimaeus. He’d been blind a long time. Life without sight in first century Judea was hard. Not only were you suffering from your bodies weakness but you had the added pain of being deemed cursed; your blindness the direct result of your own or your parents sin. I have never some close to that situation but I imagine the most that I would hope for was the mercy of a passerby. Perhaps, some kind soul would buy you food or give you the change from their pocket. Continue reading “What do you want?”