5 books to help you lose your faith (and find it again).

After I posted this and this I got messages from a number of people asking for books to help them navigate through a changing faith. Here are five books that have helped me a lot as I rediscovered my faith and the church.

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Church. We cannot go on like this. 

When crudely bundled together into one patch-work organism, the UK church is in numerical decline. An article by Giles Fraser informed me today that within Anglicanism alone there are just shy of 16000 church communities, many with congregational numbers that just scrape into double figures. Add to that the countless other tributaries of this river-running-dry and I would imagine we are well over 40000 individual communities of faith.

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Things I want to stop saying 2 – Forget about your problems and focus on the Lord.

I should make a bit of a disclaimer at the start of this post. I haven’t actually said this in years but I still hear it from time to time at services or conferences. The person hosting the gathering will stand and say something like,

“It’s great to have you with us. Just as the band are getting ready let me invite you to leave you problems at the door and focus on the Lord.” Continue reading “Things I want to stop saying 2 – Forget about your problems and focus on the Lord.”

Follow Justice

poppy”Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live” Deuteronomy 16:20

I grew up in a world that cried out for justice. In the divided community of 80’s and 90’s Northern Ireland conflicting parties cried out for justice for the outrages of British rule and the denial of civil rights and on the other the Protestant call for Republican terrorists and politicians to be punished for their part in the Troubles. On each side of the discussion there was pain and freedom and a history of mistrust that the other side even cared about that pain. To one the powers Continue reading “Follow Justice”

Take time to listen

headphonesFacebook is simultaneously the worst and greatest parts of humanity recorded in every refreshing detail. I go from despairing at the trivial moments we celebrate together to celebrating the creativity, compassion and wonder of humanity. This week one of my friends posted this video on their wall. It is by SoulPancake who you may know from their Kid President videos (not cool Robert Frost) Continue reading “Take time to listen”