A prayer for the days after a tragedy. 

Almighty God, who made us and gave us life, we are hurting and confused. We find ourselves, once again, bewildered by how those whom you have made in the same God-image as us can be so callous and do such great evil. The list of tragedy gets longer. Senseless killing across the world you made and first called good.  We are hurting again, as we have before. We are mourning life lost, both young and old; stolen by another senseless act of cowardice. How many more of these tragedies must we face? This world that you created and called good, … Continue reading A prayer for the days after a tragedy. 

Don’t believe the lie that you aren’t worth helping. You are. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek


I’ve never been amazing at having self-confidence. I have always admired people who exude that sort of confidence that comes across as fearless and calm. I’ve learned to fake it, and have faked it many many times, but inside the wheels are turning too quickly and I am just waiting to be exposed as afraid and overly concerned with the opinions others hold of me. Everyday, for a long time, has involved some level of overcoming this lack of self-assurance in order to achieve the things that I have wanted to achieve and to be more like the person I want to be. It can feel, sometimes, like I walk with an emotional wound, a dent in my character.  Continue reading “Don’t believe the lie that you aren’t worth helping. You are. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek”

As an ex church worker, working for a church can be painful but you can help.


The first ‘church position’ I held was as a youth ministry intern in 2000. Since then the vast majority of the past 17 years have involved me spending my working hours, in some capacity either paid or as a full-time volunteer, on churches. Through many of those years I was in leadership roles. I’m now on an indefinite break (until I work out what comes next/God presents some direction) and from this side one thing stands out from the past 17 years – working for a church can be hard and painful and leading one can be even harder.  Continue reading “As an ex church worker, working for a church can be painful but you can help.”

If it is true…

If it is true, that somewhere and somewhen is a God who by some cosmic moment of creativity invented all of us, to love and to be loved by… And if it is true, that this same creative genius placed us on a planet to be explored and unwrapped; revealing beauty and endless gifts… And if it is true, that at some point in our family tree, our great great greats chose not to love and chose to rebel against this loving God… And if it is true, that as with our great great greats, there is a crack in … Continue reading If it is true…

Gratitude, joy and social media. 

I find social media an increasingly negative place to be. The all-you-can-eat buffet of real news, fake news, trolls and over-aggressive interactions, is indigestiion inducing and thoroughly depressing. I realise I have control of what I read and who I follow, so I’ve unfollowed and unliked some stuff today, but I want to be better at being positive.  I believe that there is a mystical (or hormonal) connection between gratitude and joy. I think that, whatever your belief, giving thanks to God, people, the universe or nature for the good things releases a sense of joy into our souls, minds … Continue reading Gratitude, joy and social media. 

They will know you are my disciples because you eat chocolate eggs. 

The Christian faith, when broken into its constituent parts is a little weird. I’ve never been shy of the fact, that as someone who believes in Jesus and His teachings, I’m taking a walk on the weird side. Christianity, the culture and all its trappings that have grown out of the Christian faith is a whole lot weirder again. It has a while micro culture of music, art, literature and language that can be hard to understand from the outside.  Perhaps I’m sucked in by clickbait and trending topics but I often read stories of enraged Christian activists decrying some … Continue reading They will know you are my disciples because you eat chocolate eggs. 

What’s the point? 

I have lived the vast majority of my adult life ‘away from home.’ It was never easy. The whole time a song by Derek Webb, Faith My Eyes, was a comfort, playing both in my headphones and in my memory. It has this great line, ‘I’m all wrapped up in my mother’s face with a touch of my father up around the eyes.’ I love that line because it describes my face pretty well.  I spent the lion’s share of my years away from home working in church jobs. I started aged 18 in Illinois, wandered via York and Luton … Continue reading What’s the point?