I’ve written a couple of books which you buy via three links below.

Just Being Honest (New expanded edition coming soon. 

Just Being Honest 

In days gone by people would faithfully put on their Sunday best and head off to church. The custom of wearing special, better-than-normal, clothes may have died down but many of us still arrive at church with a ‘better’ version of ourselves on display. We cover our doubts and struggles with the recital of the party line. We hide our feelings of shame or inadequacy behind getting on a rota or singing extra loudly during the worship time. What if we began to talk more about the things we are choosing to hide? Surely then we would make more progress.

This book is a reflection on the joys and struggles of my life of trying to be Christian. Hopefully you will find it to be a good starting point to begin to discuss the trials and triumphs of your own Christian life. It is only when we are honest about these things that we will really move forward.
Buy this book via GileadBooks or on Kindle or iBooks

12 Days At Christmas


I love the Christmas story. I love it when I read it and when children perform it, with snowmen included. I think I love it because I can identify with each of the characters in some way. With some I am inspired by their faith and in others I see reflection of my own frailty. I love the prophetic message of a story in which a baby in squalor is an eternal King. I love men of wisdom bowing at a Manger and shepherds as the audience at an angelic cantata. It is a story filled with wonder and glory.

Yet, as I get older I feel like I am losing my grip on the story. It is becoming familiar and I am beginning to miss the nuances that once romanced me. Every now and then a song or a painting reignites the story again as the artist casts light on a new facet that had begun to drift into the grey.

These are 12 reflections on the Christmas story, attempting to illuminate the nuances and beauty. To be read for 12 days throughout the Christmas period.

You can buy this ebook on Kindle and iBooks. If you don’t want to or can’t afford to pay you can also get it for free or a donation on Noisetrade Books.

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