I see you

I see you.

I see you with your pearls clutched close, afraid and offended by the one who dares exist in your air.

I see you with second glances, your keeping aware of his movements on your street.

I see your curtains twitch and your questions, ‘who is that? Why is he here?’

I hear you ask her again, ‘no where are you from? And before that?’ casting doubt one her identity.

I see your hand read for that babies hair, ‘it’s just like wool. Aren’t their babies so cute.’ I see you.

I see you stifle a laugh as that joke is shared, no harm meant of course but plenty of harm done.

I see you assume these two people must think the same, they’re from the same place, thousands of miles apart. As if Ireland and Greece are the same.

I see you surprised at his intellect and verbose eloquence as if his PhD is somehow a surprise. ‘Doesn’t he speak so well.’

I see you stop and search, your suspicion and your blame. Against a wall, hands where they can be seen.

I see you ask questions about fathers about homes and childhoods.

I see you sing gospel songs, a voice mimicking the Delta. I see you miss their message, lost in the trills.

I see your delayed reports, your equivocating on disparity that’s killing communities. We are not in the same boat.

I see you mishandle Grenfell.

I see you mishandle Go Home Vans.

I see you mishandle Windrush.

I see you turn a Duchess to a villain. A mother and wife to thief and ‘that woman.’

I see you shame an MP who stumbles on figures or drinks a mojito or speaks or votes or exists.

I see you dismiss every claim, question every cry for freedom. ‘Just get over it.’ ‘I didn’t do it.’

I see you blame the media for the actions of police.

I see your ‘what abouts’ and ‘I wish they’d be peaceful.’

I see your ‘not like thats’ and ‘not the times.’

I see your ‘don’t do the crimes’ and ‘what happened before this video starts.’

I see your All Lives Matter as if all of this stuff even hinted that was true. All lives? Except these.

I see your tear gas and pepper spray and photo shoots and churches.

I see you let ‘God even uses the bad leaders’ for good.

I see you enraged as your Holy Book, the Word of God is defiled.

I see your silence as their Holy sons and daughters, the image of God, is defined.

I see you batons on their heads.

I see you guns in their faces.

I see you shoot her in her bed.

I see your shoves and you punches. Kicks and violence.

I see your knee on his neck.

I see your hands in your pockets.

I see your standing by allowing it to happen.

I see you ignore his cries. ‘I can’t breathe.’

I see you ignore his cries. ‘I can’t breathe.’

‘I can’t breathe.’

‘I can’t.’

I see you. I see you.

I see me.

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