In this Dominic Cummings Saga, Nobody Wins.

Nobody wins. When a country sits one part aghast as its leaders and their aides appear to gaslight them, and another part triumphant, as the detractors are put in their place by those same leaders and aides, nobody wins.

Nobody wins as the deaths of a few thousand people, ripped from their families by a virus we aren’t close to defeating, are a side note to the story of the day.

Nobody wins when we are told the rules we worked hard to adhere to were more flexible should our instincts deem our situations exceptional. Could we have said goodbye? Did they have to die alone?

Nobody wins when the front pages expose hypocrisy and lies, half truths and gotchas. Trust is eroded and suspicion edified. The chasm between the elected and the electorate grows wider again.

Nobody wins when a government loses the trust of the people, it weakens our cohesion; undermines our ‘all in this together-ness.’ Our democracy is weakened our communities suffer.

Nobody wins when a house of bishops stands at odds with a government, no matter how right their cause. Truth to power when needed is a solemn and sad affair. Division is a disaster for us all.

Nobody was ever going to win in this saga. There are few wins with this virus and another division in our society is nothing but a loss. Losing trust in the guidance is a loss we will all lose. We were doing so well.

We’ve all lost, from every political corner. This has eroded us. This has lessened us. It’s taken an already divided, tired and battered country and beaten it again.

Had he resigned we’d still have lost, he has not and we lose anyway. There was never going to be a winner.

The damage was already done. The anger was already in our veins, mixing with the grief of this plague that we have barely begun to process. It’s a toxic mix that will fade in time, but it will be slow. This is far from over.

So today, I’ll choose the smaller wins. I’m choosing things that make me happy. Coffee, my family, my friends. I’m going to feel the sun on my face and listen to podcasts and music. We all need some goodness in our lives. We can still choose those things. We have not yet lost that and the small joys are healing, even if it is fleeting.

One thought on “In this Dominic Cummings Saga, Nobody Wins.

  1. Hi Dave.

    I happened to find myself reading this morning Psalm 126 – a truly beautiful poem which oozes hope. It reminded me that in dire circumstances we can at least persevere in prayer. I drew encouragement from it.

    Every blessing,

    Colin Sedgwick.


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