10 Lessons from Lego – by a bored Father.

Our 4 year old has been discovering Lego. I also need to get out more. Here are 10 life lessons from Lego.

A life of discontent is like a Lego rebuild; you will never find the missing piece, and even if you did, your soon be missing another. Sometimes, you choose to be happy with what is available.

There is no greater love than this; that a father spends two hours building a Lego Pizza Van for his 4 year old in full knowledge it will be in pieces within 20 minutes.

As you move through the world, be careful what you leave behind you, for you will one day pass that way again (in bare feet.)

Never judge the value of something based upon its size. The smallest things can be the key to the completing everything.

(I wish I could bloody find a dark grey single block amongst this sea of black ones.)

Gentleness is often more important than strength. Do not lean too heavily on that which you build in life, for the weight of you will surely destroy it.

Always be alert. That which you look upon now will surely be essential later.

(You will however not be able to find it again.)

If you do not take great care, time will eventually wipe the smile* off your face.

*and eyes.

Learn to listen beyond your immediate surroundings, for no sound is louder than the sound of the search. You may miss that voice that is calling to you, lost in the crunch.

Sometimes, those which the builder has put together will not easily be put asunder*.

(Without impossibly thin and yet infinitely strong finger nails.)

Sometimes, not even those closest to you will understand your passion. Don’t let them crush your dreams*.

Like the helmet of a 1984 Spaceman which your son crushed under his trainer.)

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