International Women’s Day 2020

For too long Christianity has been known as a faith of “inequality for women, women be silent, cover your heads, obey your husbands.” Perhaps starting on International Women’s Day we can behind recreate the Christian faith to one that remembers the hardcore women of the Bible and their stories instead.

Let’s talk more about Rahab risking her life to save Hebrew spies in need of her protection and encourage our children to be as courageous as her. (Joshua 2)

Let’s talk more about Mahlah, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah who challenged injustice and won back their rights to their inheritance. Let’s raise children who fight injustice with the same dignity and bravery. (Numbers 27)

Let’s talk more about Priscilla who travelled with Paul spreading her faith. Read Paul’s accounts of what that life was like. This woman was tough to live that way. Let’s raise children with that same tenacity and faith. (Romans 16)

Let’s talk more about Esther who fearlessly spoke up in defence of her people, saving their lives. Let’s teach our children to be justice driven and brave like her. (Esther)

Let’s talk more about Deborah who led Israel with zeal, wisdom and courage. She led them to victory over an oppressive enemy. Let’s teach our children to pursue freedom with that same wisdom and passion. (Judges 4-5)

Let’s talk about Miriam who’s confidence and wisdom saved Moses’ life and ultimately led to the redemption of the Hebrew slaves. Let’s raise children who learn to trust their instincts and intelligence like her. (Exodus)

Let’s talk more about Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sarah, Philip’s daughters, Lydia, Hannah and Acshah. The Bible is full of brave, intelligent women who lead and change the lives of those around them. Let’s become a faith known for celebrating women like them who are with us now.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the hardcore Christian women I know and have had the joy to work and worship alongside. Respect.

#internationalwomensday20 #iwd20

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