Pastors. If you need help, please get it. #MentalHealthAwarenessDay

‪Thinking of #clergy, #pastors and #ministers today who often struggle in silence with their poor #mentalhealth. It is not weak to talk, get therapy and take meds. All 3 have changed my life. DM to talk. Tag your pastor/leader. Call them. #WorldMentalHealthDay2019 #mentalhealthday‬

I’m an ex-pastor. It was the hardest job I’ve ever done. It made me very ill. I lost all perspective on most things.

I sometimes think that pastors are the least mentally healthy people I know. The emotional and relational capital they spend on others far outweighs what comes back. Add a mental illness like I had to that equation and it can be extremely destructive.

Here are some things that pastors experience that you might not realise. They lose a lot by taking the job.

If you’re a #pastor please read my story and if you recognise yourself please talk to someone about it. You aren’t supposed to be super human. Your #mentalhealth health can break as easily as the rest of ours can.

Please don’t believe the lie that you must suffer as a form of service to the congregation. You’re health matters as much as anyone. You’re worth saving. You’re worth listening to.

Faith is not mindlessly smiling through the pain. Faith is a belief that the same God you hope will come through for you, whether that hope is vast or a mustard seed, is also big enough to hear your anger and sadness and desperation.

Please take care of yourself. You’re loved more than you’ll ever know. Talk. Pray. If you’ve got meds to take then take them. Go to therapy. Rest.

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