11 Resolutions for 2018 that might make life a little better.

New Year’s Day is the same as any other day but it’s worth taking the opportunity to reflect and focus when we can.

Here are 11 resolutions for 2018 that might make life a little better for all of us.

1. Stop assuming people’s motives for doing things you wouldn’t do yourself. We don’t all have the same life experiences and opportunity for free choice.

2. Speak to people you disagree with face to face rather than via Twitter or Facebook. The loss of tone in social media posts fuels anger and misunderstanding.

3. Eat vegetables and drink water. It does change your mood … eventually.

4. Go to the woods, the beach, the hills or beside water. Nature is magic.

5. Read wider than your own tribe. Engage with the world outside your own world. There is truth and beauty everywhere and we miss so much of it.

6. Generalisation is the shovel that digs the chasms between us. All Leavers or Remainers, Trump voters or Hillary voters, are not the same. Generalising them as such pushes millions of people away from millions of others.

7. Give more away. It really can be better to give than to receive.

8. Turn off the internet for a couple of hours a day and enjoy the space your mind will find by doing so.

9. Find a quiet space and sit in silence for ten minutes a day. Focus on a candle. Read the same positive, life-affirming quote over and over. You’re blood pressure and stress levels will go down, even if just for a moment.

10. Encourage people. Send messages to people whom you admire and tell them why. Thank your area’d elected officials, hospital staff and emergency service workers. Buy chocolates for you colleagues (ignore resolution 3 for this one) just to encourage them.

11. Reconcile if you can, especially with yourself. Find ways to leave the past behind if it is possible. Choose to live as much as you can in 2018 not in any of the years previous.

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