Gratitude, joy and social media. 

I find social media an increasingly negative place to be. The all-you-can-eat buffet of real news, fake news, trolls and over-aggressive interactions, is indigestiion inducing and thoroughly depressing. I realise I have control of what I read and who I follow, so I’ve unfollowed and unliked some stuff today, but I want to be better at being positive. 

I believe that there is a mystical (or hormonal) connection between gratitude and joy. I think that, whatever your belief, giving thanks to God, people, the universe or nature for the good things releases a sense of joy into our souls, minds and bloodstreams. I want to be better at being grateful; better at bringing joy. 

I wonder if more of us shared our gratitude on our platforms would that release joy into the collective consciousness of social media? Do our online communities have cultures and ‘souls’ that can be affected in the same way as our ‘in real life’ communities can? 

Here’s my little idea (it feels a little like one of those chain letters but that isn’t the hope): 

Write a status that thanks God (or the universe/nature depending on your belief or lack of belief) for 3 good things. They don’t have to be huge things.

Write on 3 people’s timelines thanking them for something. (This is harder to do)  

Do this regularly. Not everyday, that would be harder than eating five fruits and vegetables, but often enough to remind yourself and the rest of us that there is very real wonder and goodness in the world as well as the very real sadness and pain. 

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