Donald Trump. God’s man for America?

According to the recent Reuters/Ipsos Donald Trump is leading the polls by one point. Whilst one, solitary point isn’t much to worry about at this stage, the idea of his victory is scary from this side of the pond. I can’t imagine how millions of Americans, who have been paraded as scapegoats and threats in his demagogic tempest are feeling. 
Yet, as time runs on towards the election, more and more right leaning, evangelical church leaders are standing up in his support. From the mouths of pastors we are hearing Mr. Trump lauded as ‘God’s man,’ and a ‘a good Christian candidate.’ Churches across America are praying for his victory. 
As an outsider, who I am sure has no right to comment, but is going to anyway, it is baffling. It becomes increasingly hard to square the language of Mr Trump’s campaign of fear, with that oft repeated message of the Bible, ‘do not be afraid.’ It’s impossible to square the painting of the most vulnerable in the world as ‘potential terrorists,’ with the once-a-refugee Jesus who crossed cultural and geographic borders to sit with Greeks and Samaritans in need. The more I read of Jesus and the more I read of Mr. Trump, the further apart their positions seem to lie. If Mr. Trump is God’s man, I am completely misunderstanding one of them. Is it God or Mr. Trump?
What worries me, is that if he wins the election, his victory will be lauded in churches across America as an answer to prayer. Evangelical voices will celebrate the victory of a bellicose and fear mongering billionaire whilst the most vulnerable, scapegoated and threatened in America fear for their futures. In that moment the voice of Christ, to the ears of those listening, is that God is standing with the rich and powerful and not with the weak and disenfranchised. If this is God’s man, God is not on their side. 
I’ve so many wonderful American evangelical friends who aren’t at all like Mr. Trump. So many who are not on the side of fear. I am sure there are millions of American evangelicals who feel differently. Please, raise your voices louder than the movement of fear. Reach to the vulnerable, scapegoated and threatened and show them the love of Christ. Be the voice of Jesus in their life that shows them hope, friendship and restoration. If Mr. Trump and his supporters are the Christian voice in their lives how can we ever expect to reach them with the gospel. If he is God’s man, then to those he speaks hatred of, the gospel becomes at best weak and at worst offensive. 
Whatever happens, Hillary (I don’t know if she is a better choice or not) or Donald, the voice of Christ must always be for the outcasts, the vulnerable, the threatened and the disempowered. That’s who Jesus will be with, go and join him. 
Make friends. Have coffee and dinner with those Mr Trump vilifies. Churches, bring cake to the local mosque. Invite them to play games in the park. Have your Mexican neighbours round for barbecues. Those innocents he casts as the enemy, make them your friends. If you believe the evangelical gospel, that He loved you in spite of the worst parts of who you are, then to not reach to your brothers and sisters is the definition of hypocrisy. His grace is large and expansive, go and join him in showing it. 

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