Pray for our future 

I’m quite uneasy about what happens after today’s vote. No matter the result we are a nation divided with work to do to reunite. If you pray, then on the day of this referendum please join me in praying for the future of our nation.

Pray, not only for economic prosperity and our systems of governance, but for reconciliation and the recession of fear.

Pray, not only for the protection of our NHS or trading opportunities, but for the healing of our political parties split apart in competitive disagreement.

Pray, not only for the safety of jobs and stability of the stock market, but for a rediscovery of acceptance and trust in our neighbours, no matter the country of their birth.

Pray, that we will not only be known as world leaders in trade and commerce, but also as world leaders in aid and kindness.

Pray, not only for Britain to grow in strength, but for a national commitment to use that strength in the protection of the weak and vulnerable in the world.

Pray, not only for control of who and what come to these shores from Europe, but for opportunities to give well to the world from these shores.

Pray, that however we vote tomorrow, we will be a nation known not for how we disagreed but how we reunited. Not for our fear, but for our hope. Not for what we got from the world but what we gave to it.

Pray and play your part in the answers. Be the hope and reconciliation we all need.

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