Do not be afraid. Love will win. Always hope. 

I just get sadder and sadder to read about what happened to Jo Cox yesterday. Sadder because of the wonderful life she led making a huge difference. Sadder still because of the lives she has been stolen from. A future stolen a murderous man with a sick and twisted motive.

At the end of a week already bearing more than its share of sadness the ending of a life well lived brings back into stark contrast the need for change in how we interact with one another; how we relate with those who look or live differently to us and how we relate to those in positions of public service.

Every person on the right or left who had an ideology different to ours is not a Tory Scumbag or Leftie Bleeding Heart. MPs are not all self serving, ‘can’t be trusted’ crooks; few if any are. The overwhelming majority are people with families and friends choosing to serve their country guided by beliefs which they deem best for the world. It is a thankless task. Just read the Twitter replies to anything any of them post; a litany of threats and insults punctuated with rare, reasoned responses.

Brendan Cox is an inspiration. His dignified words that call us all to conquer the hatred in the world by showing the love his murdered wife showed so well could not be more urgently needed nor more patently true. The global and national climate tempts us to turn on one another, crumpling and tearing society apart along lines of creed, race and religion. Suspicion of the other is rife and endemic. Tragedy after tragedy betrays the condition that this climate breeds; hatred. It is only overcome by love. It is only defeated by its opposite.

The words of Jo Cox, spoken in her maiden speech could not be more relevant than on days like these.

‘We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.’

May we all take time and make decisions to reach across the divides and differences to celebrate our similarities with the others to whom we are the others; people like you and I doing their best to make their way in the world.

Do not be afraid. Love will win. Always hope.

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