Prince, Bowie, Wood, Wogan and the death of Christian kindness. 

This week my childhood took a beating. I remember as a child suddenly waking up to the sound of my parents uncontrollable laughter as they watched a Victoria Wood special. I try and console myself with the hope that it was the ‘I’m looking for me friend’ sketch and had nothing to do with the Woman’s Weekly. What was already a bad week took a nosedive with the passing of yet another musical and cultural genius, Prince. Sometimes it snows in April…

As my timeline filled with obituaries and greatest moments, I did what one should never do, read the comments section. One American Christian leader marked the passing of Prince with a short statement of respect for his musical genius. The comment section became littered with vitriolic, pseudo-celebratory replies from Christians declaring the singer will be reaping what he sowed in hell. Others breathed sighs of relief knowing that debauchery in the nation (USA) had lost a foot soldier. They said the same about David Bowie. 

I find myself increasingly embarrassed by  the levels of unkindness to which those claiming the name of Christ can go. What has happened to mourning with those who mourn or the dignity of human life? I don’t feel willing to tolerate it anymore. Can we all agree to call them out on it? 

As our great artists pass away can we thank our creative God for the joy and comfort that we experienced in their work? Can we celebrate the creativity in them reflecting the one who created them? 

To celebrate someone’s death is always crass. To do it in the name of Jesus, who loved Prince and Bowie and Victoria Wood and even old Terry Wogan as much as he loves you or I is beyond horrific. Stop it. 

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