Somewhere beyond and behind. 

runningchildSomewhere out there, beyond the worship band and lectionaries we cling to so dearly. Outside beyond the glass, coloured with the faces of saints long passed to glory, lies a world still groaning, trees still clapping, their branches stretched like arms out wide. Rocks still crying out where human voices lack the will to sing.
Somewhere out there, behind the capitalistic chase we’re in for bigger houses, bigger cars and much smaller souls; shrinking as we serve both God and money. Behind the trained smiles for selfies; camera tilted just right, look up and to the side; a well hidden filter to remove the boredom from our eyes. Behind our news feeds and timelines filled with quotes over landscapes and latte-art-likes is the real life we crave.

Out there beyond and behind we will find Him. Still sat with the poor and the missing; the lost of our world. You’ll see Him eye to eye with the invisible, hooked on every word from the forgotten one’s mouth. He’s bandaging up broken hearts and walking captives on that long path to freedom one step at a time; sometimes a jog, sometimes a crawl. You won’t miss Him if you look where He told you He’d be.
So get up little church and run to find Him. You feel smaller than you’ve felt in years, brow beaten by apathy and anger, but run on your little legs. Hurry now. Take child like steps and run with the abandon of youth. Follow Him, copy Him, chase after Him. Take bandages in your hands and share in His work. Let your voice ting loud with His words well remembered; speaking life to the ones you meet. Climb from under the bushel and let the dim light grow bright in the oxygen of His love.
But go, you’ve sat here long enough. You’ve waited long enough. You’ve sung songs and prayed and heard the tales of your heroes changing their world. Don’t wait for a pistol to jump you from your pew shaped starting blocks. You don’t just have permission, you have calling and command. Go to the poor. Go to the missing and show them how to be found. Go to the forgotten and remember them. Wash the feet of the filthy and open blind eyes.
Go and go now, the world is waiting and He’s already there.

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