Defining Faith (an eternal pursuit) 

Jesus often spoke of faith. Whether it was small faith that could move a mountain or hem-of-garment touching faith that set a lady free from disease, His teaching and life were centred on faith. From His faith flowed His followers faith that slowly, but repeatedly, fell into religion and from religion’s ashes repeatedly rose again. It feels we are in one of those seasons of resurrection again as religion recedes and faith creeps back into the light.

Today I asked myself this question, ‘what is this faith?’ Initially I tried to come up with something concise and catchy; falling into the trap of aiming to condense the ineffable to 140 characters. Go into all the World Wide Web and tweet the gospel. The harder I tried the more I found that faith is a simple yet expansive concept.

Faith is putting trust in the love of God and not in my own mustered up morality.

Faith is the dropping of my guard in trust that the One in whom I hope knows me better than I know myself.

Faith reaches for the unseen, dreamed of, good knowing that the one who gives all things will give me bread and not a stone; a fish and not a snake.

Faith leaves the past in the shadows and calls a future into the light.

Faith is freedom for captives; letting feet shackled in pain dance in joy.

Faith is working on the plank in my own eye allowing God to deal with the specks in everyone else’s eyes.

Faith levels the ground between male and female, slave and free, black and white, gay and straight; equal in the eyes of the one who formed us.

Faith gives restful sleep after the worst of days; the best is yet to come.

Faith sets us from any desire to condemn or judge. We can trust that He will do what is right with those who make us their enemies.

Faith holds the hands of our doubt and allows us time to work it out. Faith is not rushed; it grows in time.

Faith gives the worst of me space to exist alongside my best and silences my own voice of condemnation.

Faith breaks the rules and makes princes out of paupers and the wise from fools.

Faith builds family from the lonely and calls the lost home.

Faith if set free will break the chains of religion. Faith means never having to tick boxes and jump through the hoops to please God.

Faith means those least like us get to share the same love with us; we can all be children of God.

Faith is expansive and undefinable… (To eternally be continued)

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