Things I want to stop saying (part 3): Is it God’s will?

iceiceA long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) a friend of mine fell in love. In fact not only did he fall in love but the girl he was in love with also fell in love with him. We would all sit around awkwardly in any group they were in as they gazed at each other half-longingly, half-bashfully. From everyone else’s perspective it was a done deal; they were going to end up dating very soon. By Christmas nothing had happened. By Spring the tension was killing us. By Summer, she had moved away and the romantic comedy that was playing out in front of us ended as nobody expected.

I spoke with my friend and asked him why they had never gotten together. His reply was a little perplexing,

“We loved each other that is for sure. She is the girl of my dreams (we were teenagers and this kind of language was mandatory) but God didn’t ever tell me it was okay?”
“Did He say it wasn’t okay?”
“No but it wasn’t worth taking the risk of being disobedient.”

There was something admirable in his desire to please God. There was something wonderful about meeting someone who sought God in the details of his life. There was also something extremely sad. This friend of mine had met someone wonderful, someone whom he was happy around, someone in who’s company he was himself and he was unable to enjoy it because somewhere along the line a fear of him making a decision that was not ‘God’s will’ had frozen him on the spot. In retrospect this was happening all across his life. He wasn’t making any decisions, he was treading water in the middle of a vast ocean of blessing. Stuck in the one place when there was a whole world to explore.

Finding God’s will for your life is as popular as ever. Go to a christian conference and every prophetic speaker runs the most packed out seminar. Everyone is waiting for that intervention moment from Heaven that changes the course of their life forever. It seems though that for many God’s will is elusive. They leave disappointed that the prophetic-national-lottery-esque finger didn’t point at them.

I’ve sat with countless people who have told me they are waiting for God’s great plan to be revealed to them. They are waiting for their moment to shine. They know they are destined for greatness but they don’t know how or in what. Until then they are just waiting around.

I do believe in God’s will. I do believe that at times God intervenes into our patterns and rhythms and takes us on a different course. There are countless times in Scripture where this is modelled for us clearly; Abraham, David, Gideon, Paul. For sure it is a real thing but are we in danger of forgetting to live our lives as we wait for some hoped for breakthrough that catapults us into our ‘true calling.’ Are we missing the joy of today as we dream of tomorrow?

As we seek God’s will for our lives let us seek where we know we will find it. God’s will for us is shown in the teachings of the Bible. It is God’s will that we care for the planet. It is God’s will that the lonely are welcomed into families. It is God’s will that we love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. It is God’s will that we serve the poor and marginalised. It is God’s will that we feed the hungry, comfort the mourning, heal the sick and house the homeless. If we really want to live in His will we will do so in the day to day, self-sacrificial rhythms of following Jesus. His will is that we pour the blessings we have out upon those around us. If you are truly waiting on a heavenly intervention then spend your days bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to the world around you. Please don’t be frozen by fear of getting it wrong.

Life is a gift for living don’t waste it on waiting around.

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