Happy Interdependence Day.

I love this.

john pavlovitz


Freedom is a really nice illusion.

The idea of individual autonomy is one fought for every single day in my country, and I suspect in yours as well. It’s the public battleground where so much blood is shed and so many hills are taken and then lost again.

And yet beneath every moment of necessary struggle and every well-earned bit of progress toward personal liberty, there is a greater war to be won: the one to remember and honor our connectedness.

We are an ever more siloed people, deeply sequestered in the protective bubbles of those we consider our tribe; so often those who look like, sound like, spend like, worship like, vote like, love like we do. That becomes our understanding of the world. We shrink all of humanity down to a tiny, close collection of the people we think our life impacts and is touched by.

And yes, those nearest to us will hopefully feel the…

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