Me or We?

Nice challenge here to celebrate the good things happening to other people.

Discipleship Blog


Someone else gets healed. They tell their story. It’s brilliant. But I’m still ill.

Someone else gets a financial miracle. God’s provision for them is amazing. But my finances still feel too tight.

Someone else gets engaged. They seem so happy. But I’m still waiting for Mrs or Mr Right.

Someone else has a friend who they help lead to Christ. It’s a wonderful story. But none of my friends seem interested.

Someone else. It always someone else. Not me. That’s how it feels to many.

What do I do, when it feels like that?

One option is to reduce my vision of God. I make him smaller. ‘I’ll believe in a more ‘ordinary’ God. A less powerful version of God. A God who doesn’t intervene. I know the bible portrays him as the God who changes lives but that’s not always my story – so I’ll trust my experience.’

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