A little goes a long way


There was time in my life (which I hope is over) when I was regularly called a cynic. In the eyes of some people I could see no good in most things to do with Church and just sought to rip things down. Now, slightly in my defence my heart has never been to tear things down but in fact my love for the church has wanted it to always be the best it can be, so asking questions of things was never more than an attempt to move that forward. Perhaps I went too far, there are definitely times when I let pain or stress affect how I spoke to people.

I hope that things have changed a little. I wonder if there is a better way to be. Perhaps if I want the best in leaders, songs, services, outreaches etc. I should choose to honour the good that I see rather than question the parts that I wonder about the efficacy of. Having been in ministry jobs for almost all of my working life I know that a word of honour or encouragement to a person working hard to serve the church and community can go far further than you can imagine. Texts and emails that encouraged me shone brightly amongst the various ‘you were late’ ‘I didn’t like that song’ ‘I don’t agree’ emails that are often too numerous in church leaders inboxes.

So here’s a challenge; take time everyday to send someone who ministers in your church or community a text or email today honouring something about how they are serving. If we want to see a world change that often tears people down the change has to start with us (I’ve gone all Ghandi). If you want a good example check out my friend Luke Smith’s HonourBlog. I don’t know too many people who are better at honouring people than Luke is. Who can you honour today?

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